Not far from the camp Mölnhöfte is the “Stedeke” Diepenheim. This attractive rural municipality has more than 2,700 inhabitants and belongs to the municipality of Hof van Twente.

Diepenheim is also called the castle town of Overijssel. From camping “The Mölnhöfte” a beautiful bicycle and walking about estates and castles along the Nijenhuis, House Diepenheim, Westerflier and Warmelo. Several routes are available. Free at reception

At a distance of about 300 meters from camping “The Mölnhöfte” is the age-old grist mill “Den Haller”. The mill is still in use today and is open to the public on certain days.

To this camp has “The Mölnhöfte” the name derived.

Castle “Warmelo”
The house was first mentioned in 1315.

Castle “The Westerflier”
To the south of Diepenheim you’ll find Westerflier. It dates from the early eighteenth century, although the name has already occurred in the beginning of the tenth century.

Castle “The Nijenhuis”

The Nijenhuis dates from 1457, but the original house nothing is known .

“Huize Diepenheim”
Huize Diepenheim is the oldest manor house in the village. It is already called in the 11th century.

“The Orange Museum”
In the Orange Museum one can find an array of objects that are all related to the royal family. There is also a park landscaped with up to 300 different types of plants, shrubs and trees that are also related to the royal family. For a cup of coffee or tea there is also opportunity.

For more information about Diepenheim and environment, but also for the events that take place just look on the website of Tourist Info of Twente / Diepenheim: vvvhofvantwente/ Diepenheim

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