Children’s Playground

The new modern playground is open for everyone. For guests of the camp site, people who party with us or for people who accidental pass , everyone is welcome.

It is also the ideal location to celebrate your children’s Party. This can be combined with fishing, swimming, fries/pancake or a delicious ice cream.

See the pictures below

Some descriptions of the devices in our playground:

Bird’s Nest Swing

One way or the other children will be attracted to play landscape, as the possibility exists to do so. The Bird’s Nest Swing is living proof. This swing appears every time a real meeting place or at the campsite.

Children with disabilities find these great swing.
Strongly constructed so that it no hazardous situations with several children.
A sturdy swing with a surprisingly big score.

Leeuwenburgh Play Element

Ideal device which many children can climb simultaneously.
This unit contains two climbing nets, climbing rope, rope bridge, climbing panel overhang.
The arches are large enough to crawl through.
The climbing panel has various colorful handles, so that children are stimulated to climb.
The observation tower offers seating areas in order to rest. With several children

Rocker Bumper

This is a rocker for toddlers.
Because of the special spring assembly with built-in damping, there are no tires required. The rocker switch automatically stops just above the ground, allowing for kids to rockers properly.
The rising beam, increases the effect of altitude and invites you to climb on. The seat has room for two.
In the middle there is room to help


A play that well comes into its own in the sand. Children playing endlessly with the buckets, the sieve and the pulley.
Water around the course even more spectacular.
The playhouse is climbable by the climbing holds.
Under the roof, children can play quietly, other kids can jump off of the platform, without them interfering with each other.
With the megaphone they make sure that everyone hears them.

Waterspeelelment Dinkel

Kids love playing with water always fantastic and life is completely out.
They may press a button in which water flows for 5 seconds. Itself Making endless abuse of the water is not at. Two water tables are connected to each other by a water lock. This lock is easy to operate.
The steel roof creates a shaded playground.

nursery Swing

Specially designed for toddlers. A portion of the upper beam rotates with it so that a push is often enough to swing into the proper rhythm.
Seats can not be mounted on the bottle, so that the starting position is always the same. Children can be so always.


The height of the three mushrooms is matched to the length and capabilities of children aged three to eight years. Climb up, down, leapfrog, everything.


For young and old to use. The trampoline This is a real trigger for all children, jumping delicious. And he is very secure as it slants

And there are many more play in our new playground!